Siva Therapeutics’ goal is to develop the next generation of interventional oncology that is less invasive, safer, more effective, less costly, and more practical than current cancer therapies on the market. Currently, cancer patients face treatments that are invasive, risky, disfiguring, moderately effective at best, and very costly.

Siva’s approach is to use SivaRodsTM gold nanorods and SivaLumTM infrared light device to destroy solid tumors using Targeted HyperthermiaTM and improve patient health and outcome. To learn about our approach and technology, visit our technology page.

News update: Siva Receives Patent for SivaLum™ Light Engine Read More

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Siva: The Hindu god of destruction and renewal

Siva Therapeutics is developing an elegant, safe and effective cancer treatment termed Targeted Hyperthermia™ (THT), which generates therapeutic heat within solid tumors using SivaRods™ gold nanorods and a SivaLum™ infrared light device. THT has multiple beneficial effects on tumors, and it is more selective than chemotherapy, less destructive than radiation, and without the risks of surgical treatment.  This treatment promises to be minimally invasive, to reduce harmful side effects, and to stimulate the immune system.  In addition to being more affordable, this technology could deliver faster results than current cancer treatments.  

Vision: To develop new cancer therapies that will save lives and not be dreaded by patients.

Mission: To develop a minimally-invasive, practical, safe, cost-effective, and efficacious device therapy for cancer using proprietary nanotechnology. To bring to market a product that will improve the efficacy of current cancer treatments and provide another tool for oncologists. To build a company that will gain and maintain a leadership position in the market for device therapies in cancer treatment.



According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer therapies are currently limited to surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy – all of which risk normal tissues or do not effectively eradicate the cancer. Innovations in nanotechnology aim to direct therapies directly at cancer cells, resulting in a targeted approach to treatment.

Siva Therapeutics is dedicated to becoming a leader in nanotechnology cancer therapies and we are rapidly developing innovative nanotechnology approaches for the treatment of cancer.

SivaRods: each goold nanorod is approx 12x50nm
SivaRods: each gold nanorod is approx 12x50nm and only viewable with an electron microscope.

Targeting and Destroying Cancer Cells

Targeted Hyperthermia is an interventional oncology approach which employs the systemic injection of polymer-coated gold nanorods (SivaRods) into the patient and illumination of the affected region with a near infrared light device (SivaLum). The SivaRods concentrate in tumors, absorb the infrared light, and convert it into therapeutic heat which emanates from within the tumor mass. Heat stimulates the immune system, shrinks tumors, and also enhances drug efficacy.

Our technology employs:

1) the injection of a suspension of precision gold nanorods manufactured in a size, shape, and surface chemistry that cause them to selectively infiltrate growing, abnormally vascularized cancer tissues, and

2) targeted hyperthermia, in which infrared light is used to heat the nanorods, thereby destroying tumors while leaving surrounding tissue relatively unharmed.

Heat can destroy cancer cells. The challenge in using heat effectively has been to direct the heat to the tumors without damaging adjacent healthy tissue. Precision nanorods solve this problem. Nanorods are preferentially absorbed and retained by vascular tumors, and can direct heat to the tumor tissue.

Why SivaRods Therapy?

First, SivaRods nanorods can be manufactured with a higher degree of precision than other gold particles, resulting in a much narrower size distribution, and much higher dimension uniformity. Second, SivaRods nanorods absorb infrared radiation, and re-emit this radiation as heat, permitting photothermal heating of targeted tissues.  Conventional gold particles are roughly spherical in shape, and they absorb (and re-emit) shorter wavelengths of light, rather than infrared, eliminating photothermal capabilities.  In fact, the wavelength at which SivaRods nanorods absorb and re-emit light can be precisely tuned by regulating the length of the rods.

Improving Patient Outcome

Important to our work is the delivery of methods and technology that improve patient health and outcomes once faced with cancer.


Overcoming Challenges in Manufacturing Scale-Up of Plasmonic Gold Nanorods: Bringing Photothermal Therapy to the Clinic.

Siva Therapeutics is developing a simple, safe, and effective adjunct cancer treatment termed Targeted Hyperthermia™, which generates therapeutic heat emanating from within solid tumors using systemically injected precision gold nanorods and an infrared light engine – technology termed photothermal therapy. Heat has several beneficial effects for solid tumors, including selective induction of apoptosis in cancer …

Siva Receives US China Innovation Alliance Award and Prepares for Trip to China

HOUSTON, TEXAS, May 18, 2018 – Siva Therapeutics (“Siva”) is pleased to announce that it has received a Judges Choice Award as a finalist at the 2018 US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA) competition in Houston, Texas.  These awards were given to selected finalists in the UCIA InnoSTARS competition, and they include travel to China to …

Siva Receives Patent for SivaLum™ Light Engine

AUSTIN, TEXAS, May 16, 2018 – Siva Therapeutics (“Siva”) is pleased to announce that it has received Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office on all 24 claims in its Patent Application number 14/567,077 entitled “Multifunctional Radiation Delivery Apparatus and Method.” This patent covers many aspects of the design and use of …


Chief Executive Officer – Len Pagliaro, PhD, has 18 years of experience with successful commercialization of biotechnology products, services, and licensing, following an academic career. He has managed R&D and business development teams, and brought product lines from concept through commercialization to acquisition. A small molecule oncology project he led was successfully partnered with TopoTarget, and is now in the clinic. Len managed the P&L for a business unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific selling tools for drug discovery before co-founding Siva. He is responsible for overall corporate strategy and financing.

Co-Founder and Counsel – Steve Kregstein, received a JD, cum laude degree from Harvard Law School and has practiced law for over 30 years in law firms and public and private corporations. He co-founded and served as Chief Legal Officer and Vice Chairman of ClearVision Laser Centers, a national network of laser vision correction centers. ClearVision was formed with a total angel investment of $3M. These early investors realized a 12X return four years later when all shareholders sold their interests in the company for $60M. His in-house legal experience with medical device companies includes service as Vice President of Sound Surgical Technologies, a manufacturer of ultrasound devices, and as Corporate Counsel for Terumo BCT, an international manufacturer of blood component technologies.

Chief Operating Officer – Colin Shepherd, PhD, MBA, received a BS in Biotechnology from the University of Kentucky (2000), a PhD in Genetics from Iowa State University (2007), and an MBA from Iowa State University (2008). He founded AimsBio Inc. in 2006 and commercialized a novel amino acid bioassay that was used by clients in a variety of industries. From 2009 to 2011 he performed as COO of PhylloTech LLC where he led the overall business development and financial operations. Colin manages all operations and early stage R&D as well as finances.