Company Overview


Siva: The Hindu god of destruction and renewal

Siva Therapeutics (Siva) is developing Targeted HyperthermiaTM, a photothermal (light into heat) device therapy for destruction of tumor tissue. Hyperthermia has shown great promise in treating many solid cancers by heating tumor tissue to destructive levels, and also by stimulating both biochemical changes in tumor cells and a broad acting immune response that wards off new tumor development. Siva is committed to further developing Targeted Hyperthermia and bringing it to market, so that it can become part of a wide range of cancer therapies in 10 years, improving patient outcomes, decreasing healthcare costs, and helping to turn cancer into a manageable disease.

Vision: To develop new cancer therapies that will save lives and not be dreaded by patients.

Mission: To develop a minimally-invasive, practical, safe, cost-effective, and efficacious device therapy for cancer using proprietary nanotechnology. To bring to market a product that will improve the efficacy of current cancer treatments and provide another tool for oncologists. To build a company that will gain and maintain a leadership position in the market for device therapies in cancer treatment.