Biotech Industry CFO Joins Siva Therapeutics Management Team

BOULDER, COLORADO, January 3, 2012 – Siva Therapeutics announced today that Colin Shepherd, PhD, MBA, has joined its management team as CFO. Dr. Shepherd has served in a number of diverse roles in his biotechnology career, most recently as COO and interim CEO of Madison, Wisconsin, based PhylloTech LLC. Prior to PhylloTech, he founded AimsBio LLC, a agricultural analytics service provider that provides high throughput analytics to the agricultural industry. Dr. Shepherd received a BS in Agricultural Biotechnology from the University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY), a PhD in Genetics from Iowa State University (Ames, IA), and an MBA from Iowa State University (Ames, IA) .

“Colin brings both financial and scientific experience to the team, and has already shown us that he will make strong contributions to our efforts moving forward.” said Len Pagliaro, PhD, CEO of Siva. “From our first meeting, it was clear that Colin’s diverse background is a good fit for Siva, both in terms of our team and our mission. We’re delighted to have him join us.”

“I’m excited to join the Siva team and contribute to the important work that is being done,” said Dr. Shepherd. “Siva’s team is focused on developing an effective cancer therapy device using novel technology with the end result an improvement in patient outcome and I’m glad to be involved in the early stages of this process.”

About Siva Therapeutics Inc

Siva Therapeutics Inc is an early stage biotechnology company developing a photothermal device cancer therapy which uses heat to irreversibly damage solid tumor tissue. The heat is delivered to tumors by infrared light that is absorbed by gold nanoparticles and reemitted as heat. The size, shape, and surface chemistry of the particles target the leaky vasculature of solid tumors, and the selective thermal sensitivity of tumor tissue enables the therapy to deliver clean margins. Siva therapy is extremely safe, effective, and competitive in cost relative to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation for cancer treatment. For more information please visit

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