Siva’s Targeted Hyperthermia™ Program Accepted by the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory

AUSTIN, TEXAS, August 29, 2016 – Siva Therapeutics (“Siva”) is pleased to announce that its Targeted Hyperthermia™ technology has been accepted has been accepted for characterization by the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory (NCL) in Frederick, Maryland. The NCL is a national resource which facilitates the regulatory review of nanotechnologies intended for cancer therapies and diagnostics. By providing the critical NCL logoinfrastructure and characterization services, the NCL accelerates the transition of nanoscale particles and devices into clinical applications, thereby reducing suffering and death from cancer.

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Siva Therapeutics Publishes in the Journal of Nanomaterials

BOULDER, COLORADO, August 7, 2014 – Siva Therapeutics has had a manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Nanomaterials.  The forthcoming paper, entitled “Photothermal therapy using gold nanorods and near-infrared light in a murine melanoma model increases survival and decreases tumor volume” by Mary Popp and colleagues, describes Siva’s approach to photothermal monotherapy for melanoma, using the aggressive B16F10 mouse melanoma model.  The study also describes the tissue and gel models used to develop and calibrate the photothermal therapy approach.

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Siva Therapeutics Initiates Research Collaboration with Plexxikon Inc.

PlexxikonBOULDER, COLORADO, January 23, 2014 – Siva Therapeutics Inc (‘Siva’) has initiated a research collaboration with Plexxikon Inc., of Berkeley, California. The focus of the collaboration is to evaluate the potential for synergistic effects between Zelboraf®, a cancer treatment approved for BRAF V600E mutation-positive metastatic melanoma discovered and co-developed by Plexxikon, and SivaRods™ photothermal therapy. Continue reading

Siva Therapeutics Closes Angel Financing Round, Moves into New Facilities

BOULDER, COLORADO, December 3, 2012 –Siva Therapeutics has closed an initial angel financing round; this funding, together with a recent $350,000 grant from Breakout Labs, has enabled Siva to expand operations and to undertake a new series of studies on its nanotechnology enabled photothermal therapy. With this financing in place, Siva has hired a Bioengineer Continue reading