Siva Receives US China Innovation Alliance Award and Prepares for Trip to China

HOUSTON, TEXAS, May 18, 2018 – Siva Therapeutics (“Siva”) is pleased to announce that it has received a Judges Choice Award as a finalist at the 2018 US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA) competition in Houston, Texas.  These awards were given to selected finalists in the UCIA InnoSTARS competition, and they include travel to China to meet with prospective investors and partners in June, 2018.

The UCIA, which has a growing presence in Houston, started the InnoSTARS competition in 2017 to identify technologies of interest for investment by, and partnership with, Chinese organizations.  Their selection process involves a progressive series of pitch competitions, culminating in selection of finalists for the awards given in Houston.  Siva was a “Judges Choice” winner and fast-tracked for the June delegation to China.

“We’re honored to receive this award from the UCIA.” said Len Pagliaro, PhD, CEO of Siva.  “The potential for productive collaboration with, and investment from, groups in China is growing rapidly, particularly with nanomanufacturing and clinical trial capabilities expanding quickly.  We value this award and look forward to our visit next month.”

About Siva Therapeutics Inc                              

Siva Therapeutics Inc is developing Targeted Hyperthermia™, a photothermal cancer therapy, which uses therapeutic heat to treat solid cancers. The heat is delivered to tumors by infrared light that is absorbed by SivaRods™ gold nanorods in the tumor and re-emitted as heat. The size, shape, and surface chemistry of the nanorods target the leaky vasculature of solid tumors, and the selective thermal sensitivity of tumor tissue enables the therapy to deliver clean margins. Targeted Hyperthermia promises to be extremely safe, effective, minimally invasive, competitive in cost, and a valuable adjunct to drug therapy and other cancer treatments. Siva’s initial clinical targets include melanoma and head & neck cancer.

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About the UCIA                                            

The US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that promotes innovation through the exchange of ideas and collaboration between China and the US. We organize the annual US China Innovation and Investment Summit (UCIS) in Houston, which provides a unique opportunity for innovative technology startups to connect with investors, strategic partners, leading incubators/accelerators, and professional services firms from China. It is an excellent platform for technology companies to leverage significant resources from China to accelerate their growth and to expand their market potential. In 2017, we launched the InnoSTARS Competition, which allows growth-stage technology companies in five core industry areas to compete for the chance to win attendance to UCIS as well as an all-expenses paid roadshow to China, where they will have an opportunity to showcase their business and products to a wide audience of qualified potential investors and relevant partners. The UCIA also organizes roadshows to bring innovative US technology companies to China for B2B matchmaking and provides other services to help US-based companies connect with complimentary Chinese resources.

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