Siva Therapeutics Inc will present at the Angel Capital Summit in Denver, CO

BOULDER, COLORADO, March 20, 2012– Siva Therapeutics announced today it has been selected topresent at the Angel Capital Summit held at the University of Denver. The Angel Capital Summit is athree day event at the University of Denver designed to connect investors with entrepreneurs. Theevent contains workshops for entrepreneurs, speakers, investor forums, and popular networking events.Siva is one of forty companies selected from Colorado to pitch its business to investors during the second day of the event.

“We are excited to present at the Angel Capital Summit this year and to be selected as one of the few bioscience companies to pitch to investors,” said Len Pagliaro, PhD, CEO of Siva. “The entrepreneurial pitch series is an important opportunity to share our business with investors eager to make an impact on startup companies in Colorado.”

The Angel Capital Summit is hosted by Rockies Venture Club, Colorado’s oldest and most influential venture capital organization. Since 2007, the Angel Capital Summit has been providing financing to entrepreneurs.

About Siva Therapeutics Inc

Siva Therapeutics Inc is an early stage biotechnology company developing a photothermal device cancer therapy which uses heat to irreversibly damage solid tumor tissue. The heat is delivered to tumors by infrared light that is absorbed by gold nanoparticles and re-emitted as heat. The size, shape, and surface chemistry of the particles target the leaky vasculature of solid tumors, and the selective thermal sensitivity of tumor tissue enables the therapy to deliver clean margins. Siva therapy is extremely safe, effective, and competitive in cost relative to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation for cancer treatment. For more information please visit

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