Siva Therapeutics Licenses ‘Smart Polymer’ Technology from Colorado School of Mines

BOULDER, COLORADO, September 6, 2012 –Siva Therapeutics has signed an option agreement for a co-exclusive license to a published US patent application entitled ‘Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates and Uses Thereof’ with the Technology Transfer Office at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM).The technology described in the patent was developed in the laboratory of Dr. Stephen G. Boyes, Associate Professor of Chemistry at CSM.

Dr, Boyes laboratory has developed technology for ‘growing’ stimulus-responsive polymer brush structures on the surfaces of nanoparticles. The ability of the polymer brushes to respond to environmental parameters, such as pH and oxygen tension, holds the potential to optimize tumor targeting of SivaRods™, Siva’s precision nanoparticles that heat tumors by absorbing infrared light.

“We anticipate that the polymer brush technology Steve has developed will be an important tool for improving tumor targeting of SivaRods™,” said Len Pagliaro, PhD, CEO of Siva. “We anticipate executing a full license to this patent and working closely with Steve’s laboratory over the coming years.”

About Dr. Stephen Boyes 

Dr. Stephen G. Boyes, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the Colorado School of Mines, directs a laboratory that focuses on polymer modification of surfaces. The modification of surfaces with polymers represents a critical step in the development of a wide variety of next generation technologies,including nanomedicines. Progress in these technologies is critically dependent upon the ability to prepare and attach well defined, multi-functional polymers in a controlled manner. Dr. Boyes’ research group studies the use of living radical polymerization techniques to modify a wide variety of surfaces, both on the macro- and nano-scales, to produce multifunctional materials for a range of advanced applications.. For more information please visit:

About Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines is a public research university devoted to engineering and applied science. It has the highest admissions standards of any public university in Colorado and among the highest of any public university in the US. Since its founding in 1874, the translation of the school’s mission into educational programs has been influenced by the needs of society. Those needs are now focused more clearly than ever before. The world faces a crisis in balancing resource availability with environmental protection and Mines and its programs are central to the solution.  For more information please visit:

About Siva Therapeutics Inc

Siva Therapeutics Inc is an early stage biotechnology company developing a photothermal device cancer therapy which uses heat to irreversibly damage solid tumor tissue. The heat is delivered to tumors by infrared light that is absorbed by gold nanoparticles, SivaRods™, and re emitted as heat.The size, shape, and surface chemistry of the particles target the leaky vasculature of solid tumors, and the selective thermal sensitivity of tumor tissue enables the therapy to deliver clean margins. Siva therapy promises to be extremely safe, effective, and competitive in cost relative to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation for cancer treatment. For more information please visit:

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