Siva Therapeutics will present at the BioWest conference in Denver, CO

BOULDER, COLORADO, June 13, 2012–Siva Therapeutics was selected to present during the Venture Showcase at the 2012 BioWest conference in Denver, CO on September 11, 2012. The 9th annual BioWest conference is a one day event attended by more than 500 national and international industry leaders, government representatives, executives, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs.  The Venture Showcase consists of 6 selected start-up companies that pitch their technologies and business plans in front of a live audience to a panel of bioscience experts and venture capitalists. The winner will receive a $7,500 cash prize at the competition.

“We excited to present as part of the Venture Showcase this year,” said Len Pagliaro, PhD, CEO of Siva. “We view this as an excellent opportunity to share new results from our research and pitch our growth plan to investors.” 

Previous winners in the Venture Showcase are companies that have gone on to successfully raise multiple rounds of capital. More information about the Venture showcase and the BioWest conference can be found at

About Siva Therapeutics Inc

Siva Therapeutics Inc is an early stage biotechnology company developing a photothermal device cancer therapy which uses heat to irreversibly damage solid tumor tissue. The heat is delivered to tumors by infrared light that is absorbed by gold nanoparticles and re-emitted as heat. The size, shape, and surface chemistry of the particles target the leaky vasculature of solid tumors, and the selective thermal sensitivity of tumor tissue enables the therapy to deliver clean margins. Siva therapy promises to be extremely safe, effective, and competitive in cost relative to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation for cancer treatment. For more information please visit:

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About BioWest 2012

The 9th BioWest Conference is a one day event attended by more than 500 industry leaders, government representatives, executives, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs. The BioWest conference will be held September 11, 2012 at the Marriot City Center in Denver, CO. Information can be found at

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